Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ornamental Architecture: Part 2

The fruits of Labour. Thank Heaven the forme didn't fall to pieces.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ornamental Architecture

By now, I think you may begin to realize I have a developing fascination with ornaments. A local letterpress enthusiast group of printers has formed in Vancouver over the last year and a bit, the Vancouver Letterpress League, and the premiere collaborative piece is a calendar for 2014. I happen to have accepted June.

For my part, I wanted to play in metal, and so I am attempting to render our city hall, an imposing art deco building opened in 1936, in a composition of ornaments and brass rule.

I began with the clock tower. and worked my way down to the main entrance. I'll be working out into the wings next, but I wanted to be sure my math was correct before adding the next section. With the grace of God, this forme will lockup firmly. The size of the calendar cannot hold the whole structure, but I will print it in its entirety as a separate broadside, provided it all fits in the chase.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are you Jane Austen?

Many are acquainted with the silhouette of L'aimable Jane found in a second volume of Mansfield Park. I've reversed the profile outline and filled in the rest, so to speak. Working with the hints that the silhouette provided, and keeping an image of Cassandra Austen's pencil and watercolour portrait of her sister ever before me, I have attempted to create a new image of our cherished author and connoisseur of human character. This sketch is the start of a study for a portrait that will make up the forthcoming bookplate. Tweet comments to @BowlerPress or on The Bowler Press FB timeline.